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MELT workouts include use of the Lagree Megaformer & the VersaClimber.

MELT classes are Pilates-inspired, HITT, and strength training.

The Lagree megaformer delivers endurance, cardio, core, balance and flexibility while the versaclimber guarantees to burn more calories than any other cardio class while sculpting, toning and defining the whole body.

The VersaClimber is full-body workout using all major muscle groups and is 2 times more effective at MELTing fat and calories in a shorter amount of time. This form of exercise is the most effective High Intensity workout, while having zero impact on your joints, spine and connective tissue.

Get ready to shake, tone and burn your muscles, MELTing around 500 calories in just 30 minutes. You will see results fast! You are going to feel LEAN and STRONG!

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